21 July, 2014

My Basic Makeup Stuffs


Let's make it short and simple.For your information this post is not a makeup tutorial but rather a basic makeup that I own.Basically I apply makeup for my everyday routine to enhance my beauty not to transform myself into somebody else. haha .This is because women simply don't like herself to look pale or dull.All these makeup I will use for upcoming raya too.

My simple complications of makeup .Ok let me introduce one by one

1.Sun Block

I often used sunblock with at least of SPF 30.Follow me oil control hydrating sun shield  like those above also works well on me but won't give a full coverage because it only comes with SPF 20.Anyway it is a good idea to bring this lightweight sunblock during travel because it can minimize the space area especially for my balik-kampung backpack.haha


Foundation comes in many shades.You can get anything from a very heavy concealer like cream to extremely light. The heavier foundations can cover more imperfections but can be hard to blend while the light-tinted don't cover as much but create even skin tone with just a hint of colour. My favourite foundation is Magic Cream Cathy Doll. I called it foundation because it comes with a creamy-whitish texture.The thing I like about it because it has SPF130+++ which is very very high enough to cover my tan skin.I had shared it in my last post.The price is RM36.00

3.Compact powder

I am using Maybelline Clear Smooth Original Pressed Powder.


Silkygirl Moisture rich lip colour has launched a promotion.Buy one and get free one.You can get two lipsticks for RM18.90!!so cheap go go and grab now before the promotion ends soon.


Clinique Long Last Glosswear SPF15 - # 10 Air Kiss - 6ml/0.2oz unboxed

For Lipgloss , I am using Clinique long last glosswear SPF 15 .It gives me a long lasting texture and sticky in a good way even while I'm eating!The code I am using is 10 Air Kiss.There are more colour options for this lipgloss but it is quite expensive.I browsed the price is probably RM48.00 in Malaysia.I don't know if you can get it more cheaper because I got it as a present from my aunt years ago.hehe.


I just bought Maybelline The Magnum Volume Express mascara.I opted from Maybelline this time because I love the packaging and also the review that I heard from most bloggers.Ok let's see how it works.The price is RM35.90.

That's all from me
thanks for reading my entry
Salam Ramadhan