22 August, 2014

My Online Teacher


Have you ever wonder where to learn English in a very fun and Interactive ways? Let me introduce to you my favorite interesting youtube channel teaching us English with Mr Duncan in England!! I discovered this video since 2011 and I am one of his students until now. I mean an online student. haha. I just attend his class whenever I want because I love the rhythm on how he delivered the message to the audience using simple and easy way.

I am not trying to give you any tips of how to learn English because I am not the expert but rather a simple version of how I get engaged with English and Alhamdulillah I scored A for all my English courses at the university.

I love to learn English Informally. My brain can easily absorb the message if I learn without any intense. Don’t ask me to do an English exercise on paper because normally it doesn’t work for me. I am not that eloquent even sometimes they say so (I think they might be the wrong person). I am not the gift of the gap but from time to time I discovered I get better in English even sometimes my language is upside down especially the grammar part but for me mistakes are life learning as long as it is not done deliberately.

The coercion from my father made me realized how important the English language even though sometimes it got into my nerves when he asked me to study online more than 4 hours every day!.haha Pengsan and I just can stay awake only for one hour and the rest either switching to other channel.hahaha Nevertheless, I have found my own way to learn it. Yes, Mr Duncan Youtube Video Channel made my day! Believe me it is an effortless way to route ourselves to learn English.

Mr Duncan uses  simple and easily understood words with the aid of subtitles to guide us to grab his sentences. I found this is the most effective way of learning so far. Besides, he also teaches us idioms and proverbs for each topic as including the witty examples so no wonder all of his students came across the globe. Just try to listen to one episode then you just need to complete all of his lessons. There are many so many of them so do find your time to get master in English with him okey.

I am trying to rule myself with English and hope can be master with it because we all know how importance the English language and also acquire a good comprehension of Malay Language too.

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