03 September, 2014



I was having some problems with my teeth these few months. One of my teeth turned lifeless or I can say it was dead! Dr said I need to go for another treatment before install the braces but that is another story. As a precaution step, Dr gave me Amoxicillin to relieve the pain. I believe we all know the fundamental basis of antibiotic specifically helps to kill the bacteria or helps to fight against infection but what about the full dosage concern it works on us?

Example of antibiotic. There are loads more but amoxicillin is the most used one to treat many illness causes by bacteria for example salmonella infection, E-coli,ear infection,bladder infection,pneumonia etc. For more info you can go for google.

I know it wasn't only trigger me to know why we need to take the full course of antibiotic dosage but it might also prompt you to know about it too right. I won't go too scientifically explain in depth.I will make it easy and understandable because I am no no expertise about the antibiotics or drugs.I just trying to share based on my own spectrum of what I have learnt in class to transform the long-drawn-out words into more easier way so you can grasp the idea more easier.

Simple anecdote about how antibiotic works

Someone who do not take the full course of antibiotic medicine or someone who used a lot of antibiotic can cause us to be "Antibiotic Resistance". Antibiotic resistance is the situation your body could not fight bacteria effectively even though you have used the antibiotic. You get what I mean?This can happen when bacteria are repeatedly exposed to the same antibiotics or when bacteria are left in your body after you have been taking an antibiotic.The bacteria able to grow and multiply inside the body and make a large machinery system. Can you imagine this bacteria reproduced more and more but can't respond to any of antibiotic since we just consult halfway of the dosage?

What is the big problem if someone encounter antibiotic resistance? The infection may last longer. Instead of getting better the infection might getting worse. The antibiotic we have consume no longer immune to the bacteria. The bacteria able to destroy our house system which is our body!so scare to hear that uh so do follow the doctor directions and take all the antibiotic medicine as prescribes. Never stop the medicine if we feel we are healthy and try to save the next dosage when we are sick please don't be that stingy.haha

Okey now I get why Pharmacist advice me to take the all the full dosage!

Thanks for reading my entry