09 October, 2014

Fever & Exam


Hi Lovelies!

I am trying to squeeze my time for a while. I have one common problem screwed up during exam week.I often fall into sicknesses. I hate when Doctor said I was fine but they claimed I got only a pressure. Actually I never feel stress at all. I never push myself too much into studies. I only became a bookworm during an exam week.haha

Nevertheless, I realise that I devoted much of myself into wickedness. I want to be good at everything and anything but afraid if I can’t achieve those. Actually the mind oriented to a psychological cause why I often fall sick aside of the homesick itself.gezzz

Praise to Allah I won’t commit into any health issue but sometimes I feel strange why my workload is limited as compared to other people. They are able to pile up the books and study up to many hours but me most of my time I cannot make those. I experimental myself lack of sleeping hours put me into nausea and zombie the next morning. haha so the conclusion, I can't tight off my study hours!

Panadol soluble, Mefenamic Acid (pain killer) and balm are my essential during fever season (exam week). I can't live without it and not to forget the eye mo to refresh my sight while studying yeaa.Since I have a mild eating disorder , I need to force myself to eat even the appetite often pulls me out. How can you study if you don't have a stamina? It is very crucial for student to have a balance meal. I am trying not to skipped any meal and eat regularly.

I need to regain back my energy and retrieve my focus because I don't have time to feel weak as everyone hate being sick. I don't want to be that fragile with all the handicaps around. I know I am standing here with a purpose and will fight until the last ball no matter what situation rolling on me.Let's spread the positivity guys! blerrghh

Me standing here behind the replica virus
keep calm and do Genetics!

thanks for reading