12 January, 2015

Cell and Molecular Biology Student part (ii)


I had promised before to write about my course path as a Molecular student am I right? Actually during my first year of studies I don’t have any idea what is the fundamental of my core. Am I going to be Forensic DNA Analyst? Or can I jump into Medicinal area for example being an Oncologist one day? After we had been explained by the lecturers then I know it’s all about DNA. You are going to study about DNA for your entire life. haha

It is extremely difficult to find out a passion. Everything heap-up in my mind but what impulse me to choose it because it has been fashioned from the Drama Series. Yes it’s CSI. My brother likes to watch Hawaii 5-0 and I was like don’t you have any other channel to watch instead of crime and polies series? yahaha. After some time watching it and the other investigative English movie then I started to realise yes this is it!! I wanna to be a Scientist observing the blood samples in the crime scene and examine the DNA in the lab. It’s cool dude and super fantastic.

But then……..

After engaging with it for 3 years for now I know it is not that easy to be a Scientist. It is an absolute total difference from what I imagine by watching the CSI movie. Can you imagine that your course is the first course in Malaysia? None of students have been graduated yet and of course we need to bring out the University name up to a high level and the lecturers are scuffling to ensure us fulfil that. To be honest, if we don’t study well then we will be going to suffer .blerrrgh The lecturer said they wanted to trained us to be young leading Scientist so they set up an exam paper and piled us with masses of Research Paper like you are the best students in MIT.haha.

Sometimes I grumble to myself why I choose to pursue something beyond my capability? Sometimes I thought I am stupid to earn this course and thought doing Medicine is much better but Alhamdulillah all the lecturers are willingly to help the students and they even brainwashed us regularly to keep the mode up. Of course we need to be motivated or else we are going to lose the clockwise. Yes,we are human and a student like me easily to lose the lane without geared with any motivation hence I do found inspiring people out there as a role model to mobilized my energy in Science field. It is a must.haha

So if you ask me Am I Regret to do Molecular stuffs? Then I will say not at all. The more challenges came to me the more I get myself stronger even though I thought it is unbearable but so far I enjoy doing it even sometimes there is up and down and I need to go through thick and thin situation. Common, that is life. You won’t get anything that you want unless you are willing to make a resolution and troubleshoot to make it better. I know I am here with a reason. Something simply not happen without any blueprint and for this 2015, I need to gain more perseverance since I will be on my final year and you know the heck life of it.haha

Andddd after that, will be graduated next year.soon.insyaAllah!

Thanks for reading 
see you in the next entry!