19 January, 2015

Sneak Peak: The Book of Scientist


I never plan to d├ęcor this kind of book.At first I thought to design a simple family photo book but another idea urged me to get out of the rut and do something valuable than only designing photo book full of pictures alone.What I meant by photo book is not the printed one but all the decorative terms came with our bare hand.

Actually I was designing this book by my own since last year and the project is still on the go because I'm so lazy to complete it with a blink of an eye.haha Indeed,it needs bunch of patient and count for an effort to generate the flow of create idea.
It is not easy you know!!

 but thanks to youtube for DIY tutorials. I learnt making the crafts using felt paper simply by clicking the videos and taraaa this is how it looks like after spending an hours!

Yes it can be brooch but I pinned it for my book!

This is  one of my brand-new-collection for 2015 and hope to end up with a glimpse of beautiful decorative book namely The Book of Scientist documented my route as a student of Cell and Molecular Biology during 4 years of my studies. This book surely will define my emotion better and also derives the course in a comprehensive way and of course I wanted to deliver the message with a lot of pictures and avoid redundancy because people love to stare at the photos instead of reading the words itself am I right?

Mostly I bought the stuffs and materials at Mr DIY or stationery shops. Actually I am not that good in art but I like to own something that has an aesthetic value that's why  this book was born.At least by designing this book, it could flash out my attention to full fill my dream to be a Scientist one day. inshaAllah

I can only show the cover because it is only a sneak peak post.Remember? :-p and I am still on a road to fill up the contents

please wait patiently to head on what's inside as I will write a complete post once I have finish it

thanks for reading