11 February, 2015

My planners


I am not a type of person who does really an organized job.I found out I'd never had a proper planner as a student and that seems really weird how can a student do not have a proper planner?haha.I do have diaries but often lost them so I decided to blog but still there is a difference between blog,planner and diary that's why I need to separate them out.

I have been watching lot of youtube videos on how to personalized planners then I got inspired to keep my own planners and I started hysterically to purchase the stuffs for example the stickers, colourful pens,chains,washi tapes and etc to make them appreared more nicer. I just can't stop buying more and more those stuffs.haha

Having such planners intrigued us to keep myself more ordered and organized.believe me!

I leave with a video so you too can go nutty as fruitcake of how beautiful the life filled up with daily planners!

I use the word planner(s) because I had two.haha!

thanks for reading